Proven Leadership for our Schools

Pro Kids

Ensuring our kids achieve success!


Bennington is #3 out of over 200 schools in Nebraska!

Small Town feel with Big Time Results

Pro Education

Our family values strong education

Fiscal Responsibility

Consistently in the Top 5 Lowest Cost per pupil in Nebraska

“International Business Acumen with a Passion for Education”

It has been an honor and a privilege to be a part of the amazing growth and accomplishments over the past 18 years. I will always put our kids first.

My background in business requires that we get maximum return on our spending/investment. This is the mindset I bring to every board meeting, how do we improve and are we getting the most ‘bang for our buck’?

Proven Leadership for Uncertain Times

No one could have anticipated the events of 2020. Our board and administration has done an amazing job of listening, learning and adapting. We know our plan will continue to evolve.

I’d appreciate your vote and support in November